In weightlifting, the ability to drop weights is necessary for training and safety reasons. Advanced weightlifters (lifters that can snatch 1x body weight and clean and jerk more than 1.5x body weight) wouldn’t be able to train as frequently or as safely if they had to lower the barbell under control after each rep. If you are an advanced weightlifter and need to drop weights, or if you are attempting to lift something and you aren’t 100% certain that you will be successful, you must use the crash pads provided at the gym.

The risk of injury could increase if you are not able to drop weights after a failed attempt; Therefore, dropping weights is acceptable under those circumstances since failed lifts should be infrequent. Know the difference between a “necessary” drop, and an “unnecessary” drop.

Dropping a barbell during a conditioning workout is never acceptable. Dropping a barbell with anything less than 35 pounds per side is also not permitted. Unnecessarily dropping weights shortens the life span of our equipment and could create a safety concern. You will be directed to decrease the weight if you can’t control the bar during a workout. Also, dropping weights isn’t the faster option if your main concern is your score or time. Dropping and resetting is slower than holding on to the bar.

Again, the ONLY reason to drop weights is for safety (to avoid injury). Convenience or fatigue is not an excuse. We know you’re tired, but if you don’t have enough energy to safely lower a weight under control, you should be using something lighter. Strength development also involves lowering weights, not just lifting them.

Dropping weights from any position should never occur unless you are an advanced weightlifter, practicing the clean, jerk, or snatch with crash pads in place. In those cases, you are permitted to drop the barbell under control, with crash pads in place, after a successful lift or after a missed lift. Dropping weight should never happen during any conditioning workout, period. The coaches have been instructed to terminate your session after one warning.

ALWAYS select weights you can control. NEVER drop an empty barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. Respect our equipment and respect the safety of those around you.

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