Ever wonder what it is about CrossFit that keeps it fresh and always working? CrossFit is a one-of-a-kind high intensity functional exercise program with a constantly varied approach to training.

Along with that, there are numerous other intangibles that come into play ensuring people remain on the path to superior strength and conditioning.

It’s customizable

Are you new or are you experienced with CrossFit? Regardless of your answer, there’s a CrossFit Bolton workout waiting to be made for you.

Forget the archaic body part split workout routines that will certainly lead to boredom.

CrossFit is a total body workout giving your muscles balanced stimulation through a training program tailor made by qualified coaches.

While you’re having fun, you’ll also be improving your cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, power, strength, stamina, and flexibility.

You will notice improvements quickly, and these improvements will keep you engaged and interested in continuing your fitness journey.

CrossFit climbing rope

It’s unique

For many, the mere thought of exercising is boring. That thought never enters your mind with CrossFit.

Why? There’s no standing around and waiting for machines to free up. Leave that for those other gyms.

There’s also no room for stale workouts. CrossFit WODs engage you with fresh, one-of-a-kind workouts combining strength training, gymnastics and calisthenics.

CrossFit workouts are constantly varied. Other gyms offer equipment, space and little else. It’s the same old, same old.

CrossFit training keeps you going with so much more and on any given day you’re:

  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Pulling
  • Pushing
  • Lifting
  • Throwing
  • Rowing
  • Running

Given this unique approach to training, there’s always something different and fresh leading to a fitter, healthier you.

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It’s a community

One of the differences between CrossFit and any other form of training is the incredible sense of community that exists.

You’ll be building quality relationships with fellow CrossFitters who will help motivate and encourage you during the workouts. It’s the most supportive team culture in the entire fitness spectrum.

And, that support provides positive momentum that’s continually renewed and reinvigorated with fresh new faces joining CrossFit Bolton every day.

It’s practical

Every day is another challenge. You need to meet and defeat those challenges. CrossFit Bolton’s schedule gets you ready through the use of stimulating exercises that change to suit your needs and never flirt with being boring.

The best part is that by attending CrossFit classes, you’ll also be equipping yourself with a knowledge base of exercises you can perform virtually anywhere at anytime.

Bring on the challenges, because the ever-changing and adaptable CrossFit workouts will have you ready for anything.

CrossFit is competitive

It’s competitive

Can you think of a better way to keep things fresh and interesting than with a little healthy competition? The CrossFit community provides you with competition every day.

Just a quick scan left, right, front or back will provide you with multiple examples of other CrossFitters surpassing their previous best.

You don’t have to be an athlete to be inspired by these examples.

Even science has weighed in on the subject: Studies have shown that those who exercise alone aren’t as motivated and produce less than half of their potential physical performance output.

With CrossFit you’ll remain motivated and potentially double your individual best!

CrossFit is for everyone

 It’s for everyone

CrossFit appeals to more people than any other form of exercise. It is now one of the biggest fitness movements in the world, with over 10,000 gyms worldwide and an even bigger base of followers.

Want proof? Where else can you find all age groups, from CrossFit Bolton kids, pre-teens and seniors, sweating it out to optimal fitness levels?

And, if you look at their faces, you’ll find they’re all engaged and enjoying their training sessions.

It’s for you

The reason why CrossFit is the best choice for getting and staying healthy is simple: CrossFit provides invigorating workouts impacting every muscle in your body.

The result, aside from the obvious health and aesthetic improvements, is the release of feel-good hormones. No wonder people keep seeing results!

Want to experience those results for yourself at CrossFit Bolton? Book a “No Sweat” intro to see first-hand everything CrossFit is and all it has to offer.

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