Why Reserving Classes Is Important

It is very important that you reserve classes and if necessary, cancel your reservations properly. When class reservations are full at 15, and only 13 people show up, that leaves two spots that someone else could have potentially reserved and used. If you can’t make it to a class that you reserved, please cancel your reservation. The system will send an email notification to the person that tried to reserve a spot (but couldn’t because it was full) and let them know that they can attend. We have added extra hours to the regular schedule and will continue to do so if there is a demand but we will not add classes until the reservations and cancellations are being handled properly by all members.

You must reserve for all morning and afternoon classes (6am, 9am, 9:30am, 10am, 1:30pm) prior to 9pm, the day before.
You must reserve for all evening classes (5pm, 6pm, 7pm & 8pm) prior to 9am, the day of.

Important things to note:

1. Any classes that don’t have the minimum of 3 people reserved, before the appropriate time (see above), will be cancelled.
(Cancelled classes will be indicated on he website schedule).
2. Any classes that already have the maximum number of people (15) reserved, will not allow any more reservations. If a reservation is cancelled, a notification that a reservation has become available is automatically emailed to the person that tried to reserve but couldn’t because the class was initially full.
3. Class cancellations will be indicated on the website schedule. Please check the website schedule (google calendar) prior to attending a class, especially if you didn’t reserve.

What happens if I don’t reserve?

1. You run the risk of being the 16th person in class.
2. You could potentially be showing up to a class that has been cancelled because it didn’t have the minimum number of 3 people reserved.
Again, it is very important that you check the website schedule prior to attending to confirm the class is still running.

What happens I reserve but don’t show up?

1.  You could have potentially taken a spot from someone else that wanted to attend.
2.  You could have caused us to run a class that should have been cancelled.

Please be careful when you are reserving and make sure you are reserving the class you are actually going to attend.
Some of you have been accidentally reserving at one time, and showing up at another time. Some are accidentally reserving multiple classes a day.
Please ensure you are aware of and understand the 24 hour clock. It other words, 17:00 hours is 5pm not 7pm (19:00 hours).

Please do not call or text to reserve classes, to tell me you reserved but can’t make it or to ask if the website schedule is accurate.

– As a general rule of thumb, please email [email protected] and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks again you for your cooperation!

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