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How would you like to eat all you want, never be hungry, be healthier than ever and still lose weight?  I’m going to tell you how. Most of you won’t do it. I’ll tell you why.

Here are some facts you might want to think about:

  1. One out of four Americans are fat.
  2. Adult onset diabetes has been re-named type 2 diabetes. Know why? Because too many children now have it.
  3. Medical bills and insurance costs are bankrupting our nation.

There are a lot of doctors and scientists trying to figure out this problem.  However, any kind of meaningful study costs a lot of money,  takes a long time, and would involve a huge number of people. Obviously it hasn’t been done.

Or has it?

There are two studies that have involved a huge number of people over a very long time. You don’t hear much about them, so I’ll share them with you now.

The first one consisted of a group of people that ate a lot of meat (including fat, liver and heart) , vegetables with a low glycemic index, nuts and fruits. Basically a high protein, high fat and cholesterol, low carbohydrate diet.  This study was conducted with the entire human race and lasted approximately 2.5 million years. They were all seemingly lean and healthy. We can call this the Paleo diet.

The second group was put on a low fat high carb diet. Most of the carbs were of a refined high glycemic index type. This study, consisting of several hundred million people, started about 30 years ago and is still ongoing today. Currently approximately 25% are obese, the incidence of diabetes is almost epidemic and coronary heart disease is out of control. We can call this the Modern diet.

So what gives? The results seem pretty straight forward. Why do we continue to eat in an obviously unhealthy way?

Well,  basically we have been sold a myth. The myth is that meat and fat are bad for you and carbs are good. I think that the scientists that first came up with this idea had good intentions. It’s just unfortunate that they were wrong.

In the meantime, if we weren’t eating a lot of meat, we had to eat something. A whole industry sprang up around low fat foods and processed carbohydrates. Now today we are in a trick bag.

A significant percentage of our national gross product revolves around the carbohydrate industry. What happens to the economy if we all suddenly stopped eating low fat foods as well as doughnuts, bread, potato chips, pasta etc.?

Don’t expect corporate America to embrace the Paleo diet. You can only take care of yourself. Also, if you want to, you can eat more and still lose weight!

The link below is to an article in the N.Y. Times “What if it’s all been a big fat lie?” that provides documentation for what I have just written.


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