CrossFit training is unlike any other exercise program. That’s a given. There’s no other form of training better suited for all age groups.

Beyond that, there’s arguably no other exercise program that provides a better total body workout.

After all, what other form of training pushes your strength and conditioning limits with:

  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Rowing
  • Jumping
  • Kettlebells

With such a unique style of training, it should come as no surprise that there’s a tight-knit CrossFit community that provides exceptional support and motivation.


Motivating Experiences

CrossFit group workouts are energizing bonding experiences. While others go to random gyms and anonymously go about their workouts waiting to use machines, a CrossFit Bolton class offers no such inconvenient extended down time.

By taking a CrossFit class, you’ve already made it clear you’re motivated. Your classmates are just as motivated.

Because of that, the visual example they set motivates and inspires you to achieve far beyond what you’d typically expect from yourself.

And, it’s also not uncommon for classmates who finish just a few seconds before you to begin cheering you on.

The CrossFit community is a positive environment with results to match!

Virtual Connections

Much like everything else in life, the CrossFit community has a significant online presence.

The official website can be found at and it has an extensive online library of exercise demonstrations to support what you’ve already learned in class.

You can also share personal stories and discuss everything CrossFit with likeminded people from around the world on their message board,


Camaraderie Yields Support

The camaraderie you’ll experience through CrossFit doesn’t just motivate you. These bonding experiences also yield support.

From the moment you get into a class, the staff is ever-present to provide guidance so you won’t have to worry about incorrectly performing an exercise.

That support is mirrored by your classmates. If you’re used to going to an ordinary gym, the more personal nature of the CrossFit experience will probably surprise you.

You’ll actually get to know people in the group. And, if you miss a class, someone’s likely to show genuine concern for how you’re doing.

CrossFit classmates put their bodies through the same challenges as you do, so they know what it takes and what type of advice can help get you to the next level.

Whether it’s friendly words of encouragement, or details on diet, nutrition and supplementation strategies that have worked for them, you’ll find that classmates are more than happy to help.


Community Enhances Results

Anybody who’s taken a CrossFit session will tell you that classmates give positive reinforcement.

But, did you know that training in a group has also been scientifically proven to enhance results?

A recent United Kingdom study conducted by Oxford University researchers found that when people exercise in groups, their bodies release more feel-good hormones called endorphins than if they were training alone.

The release of these hormones promote the type of positive emotions you often see being expressed when people leave a CrossFit class.

A Kansas State University study produced even more impressive results. They found that people who exercised alone were only able to perform for less than half as many minutes (10.6 minutes compared to 21.89 minutes) as those who exercised in a tandem.

Get Motivated, Get Fit and Get Together with CrossFit Bolton

One is the loneliest number and, according to science, it also produces weaker physical performance results.

With the assistance of the CrossFit Bolton community, you’ll not only be motivated to go above and beyond your usual performance, but the support will ensure your workouts will also produce the most invigorating and productive experience.

The first step in joining our community is contacting us today and speaking with a member of our team.

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