Gym Etiquette

Be early. If you’re not early, you’re late. Give yourself enough time to change and warm-up before the group session starts. Those of you with small bladders may also want to reserve some time for a bathroom trip. That means showing up at least 10 minutes prior to the session. Check the schedule and show […]

Under what circumstances is it alright to drop weights?

In weightlifting, the ability to drop weights is necessary for training and safety reasons. Advanced weightlifters (lifters that can snatch 1x body weight and clean and jerk more than 1.5x body weight) wouldn’t be able to train as frequently or as safely if they had to lower the barbell under control after each rep. If […]

Visit Our You Tube Channel

The best way to truly know what CrossFit is all about is to see it first-hand. However, if you can’t make it to the CrossFit Bolton gym, your best bet is to check out our YouTube channel. Here, you’ll see CrossFit Bolton team members in action as they perform WODS and other demonstrations inside our […]

Reserving Classes

Why Reserving Classes Is Important It is very important that you reserve classes and if necessary, cancel your reservations properly. When class reservations are full at 15, and only 13 people show up, that leaves two spots that someone else could have potentially reserved and used. If you can’t make it to a class that […]


CrossFit workouts are generally difficult and the program you all follow at CrossFit Bolton is no exception.  Don’t feel bad if you can’t do all of the posted workouts as prescribed yet.  The workouts are beyond the capacity of most of our clients.  The good news is CrossFit workouts are universally scalable meaning anybody and […]