The CrossFit Experience: Results Through Ongoing Engagement

Ever wonder what it is about CrossFit that keeps it fresh and always working? CrossFit is a one-of-a-kind high intensity functional exercise program with a constantly varied approach to training. Along with that, there are numerous other intangibles that come into play ensuring people remain on the path to superior strength and conditioning. It’s customizable […]

Motivation and Support From CrossFit Community Produces Results

CrossFit training is unlike any other exercise program. That’s a given. There’s no other form of training better suited for all age groups. Beyond that, there’s arguably no other exercise program that provides a better total body workout. After all, what other form of training pushes your strength and conditioning limits with: Weightlifting Gymnastics Running […]

CrossFit For Moms

Whether you’re a new mom getting used to the intricacies of motherhood, or an experienced mother of multiple kids, the fact remains that with all the various responsibilities involved, it can be difficult to stay fit. That doesn’t even take into account the career commitments and household responsibilities that could make getting fit seem virtually impossible. […]

Under what circumstances is it alright to drop weights?

In weightlifting, the ability to drop weights is necessary for training and safety reasons. Advanced weightlifters (lifters that can snatch 1x body weight and clean and jerk more than 1.5x body weight) wouldn’t be able to train as frequently or as safely if they had to lower the barbell under control after each rep. If […]


CrossFit workouts are generally difficult and the program you all follow at CrossFit Bolton is no exception.  Don’t feel bad if you can’t do all of the posted workouts as prescribed yet.  The workouts are beyond the capacity of most of our clients.  The good news is CrossFit workouts are universally scalable meaning anybody and […]

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