I am a 53 year old newly retired police officer. I came to Alex with goals to lose weight, improve my flexibility, gain strength, and improve my health where I have more energy. Alex said with confidence that they are all achievable. I was not so confident, but stuck with his program. I had a few private training sessions with Sandra and Kathy and then started the classes.(awesome instructors) It is very intimidating at first and very tough physically, but it got easier. Every day the class has different work outs, and it is always challenging.

The coaches are encouraging and there to guide you, which is unlike other gyms. The structure of the class and the fact everyone is working out together is what motivates me. Without this structure I know I would take short cuts. After 10 months I started at 214 pounds and I am now at my target weight of 190. I am more flexible, and I feel more energy. My strength is improving, but still have a long way to go. It took me years to join – don’t make the same mistake. To improve your quality of life talk to the staff at Bolton Cross Fit.