The best way to truly know what CrossFit is all about is to see it first-hand.

However, if you can’t make it to the CrossFit Bolton gym, your best bet is to check out our YouTube channel.

Here, you’ll see CrossFit Bolton team members in action as they perform WODS and other demonstrations inside our Bolton location.

It’s a convenient, visually impactful way to introduce you to all things CrossFit.

Over 100 videos (with more added regularly)

Unlike other CrossFit channels which only have a few videos, the CrossFit Bolton YouTube channel has more than 150 videos, neatly categorized in multiple playlists:

  • Gymnastics: Easy-to-follow stretching exercises to help with strength and flexibility, which are important CrossFit elements (especially for CrossFit for beginners).
  • Mobility: Ranging from beginner to advanced movements, these videos demonstrate proper technique to help with body mobility.
  • Workout Demos: Full, complete videos of scheduled WODS which provide a great view of what to expect during a CrossFit program.

And that’s only the beginning.

A few sample videos to get you started

Before you head on over to our YouTube channel to see everything that’s available, take a look at these shorter videos from our playlists:

Gymnastics: Olympic Plank

The right way to perform an Olympic Plank stretch.

Mobility: Inchworm Walk with Toe Drag

Warming up using the Inchworm Walk with Toe Drag movement.

Workout Demos: WOD Demo with Alex Possamai

Demonstration of Kettlebell Swings & Toes to Bar.

Visit early, visit often and then come visit us

Take some time and check out our YouTube channel.

With a detailed archive spanning 5 years – and with more videos being added regularly – you’re certain to enjoy a great look at CrossFit.

Better yet, you may even get inspired to book a FREE “No Sweat” introduction session and try CrossFit for yourself.

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